Call for artists – 27th édition

The Vue sur la Relève Festival is now seeking the artists who will form the program of its 27th edition

After a successful return to the stage during its 26th edition in 2022, the Vue sur la Relève Festival is now launching its Call for Artists to compose its 2023 edition ! A fantastic occasion for up-and-coming artists to join a high quality multidisciplinary programming, simply by submitting an application before Monday October 31st 2022.

The Vue sur la Relève team is proud to announce that, in solidarity with emerging arts communities, registration for the 2023 edition of the festival will once again be entirely free. Moreover, given that we constantly reflect on how we can contribute to a more inclusive and accessible art ecosystem, the initiative to raise the maximum age for participation to 40 years old will be maintained. We recognize that some artists, namely people belonging to socially diverse communities and indigenous communities, may face structural barriers that could delay their integration into the performing arts industry.

By submitting your application to Vue sur la Relève, you might get to be part of our program and thus… 

Have the opportunity to present your work in a paid, professional context especially designed for up-and-coming artists, and that doesn’t take the form of a competition.

Be eligible to receive the “Coups de pouce”, which consists of professional help (in the form of a grant, a performance (gig), mentorship, production, etc.) offered by more than 40 partners from the performing arts industry.

Have the opportunity to be discovered by people that might have an impact on your career development and by an audience that might follow you for the rest of your career.

》Become part of a large, supportive family that listens to the needs of its artists.

》Potentially have access to a creative residence as part of the “Chantiers de création VSLR”.

Music : A Have the chance to participate in the Vue sur la Relève showcase as part of RIDEAU.

》Benefit from the guidance of industry leaders during round tables and talks about the issues affecting emerging artists, as part of our “Rencontres professionnelles”.

Network and exchange with artists from various fields within the performing arts who represent new trends in the field, along with industry professionals.

Eligibility criteria 

The submitted project must be an original work from any performing arts discipline (except stand-up comedy).

The main initiator or creator of the project, as well as the majority of the artists performing on stage, must be emerging artists aged 40 and under as of May 31st 2023, and must be Canadian residents. 

The project must be intended for an adult audience.

The submitted project must be complete and ready to be shown in a professional setting. No projects at the laboratory stage or in the process of creation will be considered.

Artists must be available during the festival, from May 3rd to May 24th 2023.

Music : only artists who have not yet commercialized or distributed a maximum of 2 EPs or 12 songs are eligible.

Music : the festival will present showcases of up to 35 minutes in length.

Theater, dance, circus, speech arts, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary arts : the festival will present, whenever possible, complete shows.

Artists outside of Montreal 

The Vue sur la Relève Festival is committed to providing a compensation for the performance, but is not responsible for travel expenses incurred by your participation in the event. You must therefore ensure that you are self-sufficient in your travels, both for the artistic residencies (if applicable), for sound/lighting tests, as well as the final stage performance. We recommend that artists interested in submitting their application begin the process of obtaining funding to travel to Montreal for the festival before submitting their project.

Selection criteria

The selection of artists is carried out by the Vue sur la Relève management, along with a disciplinary board composed of industry professionals. Together, they analyze the applications received according to the following criteria :

Artistic quality (40%) – The submitted project is well-thought-out and demonstrates a strong artistic process that fits well within the artist’s and/or collective’s career path. 

Potential for touring in Quebec (30%) – The project or show has strong touring potential and is adaptable to various locations, events, or venues. The show or project is finished and ready to be shown.

Originality and process (20%) – The show or project is distinctive and contributes, through its originality, to the vitality and diversity of Quebec’s cultural landscape. The proposal is innovative, either due to its will to advance artistic practices, the techniques it employs, the issues and themes it addresses, or any other element

First contact with the presenter’s industry (10%) – The project is not well established in the industry and therefore has not been or is not in the process of being widely presented to the public. The committee will evaluate the project on the number of times it has been or is planned to be presented. The project must not, for example, have been part of RIDEAU grant’s official selection and must not have toured across the province.

How to apply

To submit your project, you must fill out our online application form before October 31st, 2022 at 23h59. Here is a list of documents we strongly suggest you gather before starting the registration process : 

Music : provide 5 songs or 20 minutes of content that are representative of the content that will be presented during the performance. Ideally, please also provide a link to a video showcasing a sample of your performance.

Dance, theater, performing arts, circus, interdisciplinary practices and/or other : provide a link to a video recording of the entirety of your proposed performance. 

Provide a synopsis (one page, 500 words maximum) that explains your artistic process (motivations, inspirations, themes addressed, explored forms, etc.).

Provide a technical sheet of your performance, including all specifications related to the necessary technical equipment as well as its placement on stage.  

For projects including on-stage instruments: provide a detailed list of your instruments (patch list) and a detailed plan of their layout on stage (as an indication for the festival’s Technical Director).

For projects with a specific lighting design: provide an extensive lighting plan (as an indication for the festival’s Technical Director).

For projects with a specific scenography or accessories : provide a detailed plan of the elements’ placement on stage and a summary (as an indication for the festival’s Technical Director). 

Optional : Provide a press review with a compilation of reviews or articles about you/your collective.

Optional : Provide the resumes of all artists taking part in your project.


Thanks to all our partners who contribute, through their commitment, to making initiatives accessible to the next generation of artists.